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We advise organizations on how to attract, develop and retain best-in-class people.

What we do

We serve our business partners, customers and candidates, in full honesty and respect of their needs and limits, thanks to a proven methodology and a tremendous amount of experience brought by our consultants and our Recruitment Entrepreneur network peers.

We know that the results of the work done for and with our customers will have a thorough impact on their growth and business life: we have an every-second consciousness of the strategic help we provide through our range of services.

Dragon Republic is not an agency, we are not a recruitment company, we are and want to be - your preferred business partner who ignites your HR strategy.

The Services we offer are Executive Search Recruitment, Contracting, RPO and EQ.

Executive Search Recruitment

Dragon Republic's executive search and recruitment service is a solution tailored to discover and attract distinguished senior-level and executive talents to your organization. We understand the paramount importance of hiring the finest talent to achieve your business objectives and drive your organization to new heights of excellence, and that is where we extend our profound industry and functional expertise.

The requisites for effective leadership are in a perpetual state of flux; however, the demand for exceptional executive performance remains constant. It is imperative to undertake a meticulous evaluation of executives' capacity to triumph in distinct positions and scenarios, while possessing diverse industries and functional roles, along with unparalleled access to top-level executives and impeccable discernment in order to identify and entice such talent.

Our focus is beyond mere skills and experience; we are dedicated to evaluating cultural fit and leadership skills to ensure that your new senior-level or executive seamlessly assimilates into your organization.

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IT Contracting - Engineering

Contract recruitment involves looking for candidates on the behalf of clients seeking to fill short term job roles with a definitive lifespan. Depending on the size of the project, this could be anything from three months to two years. Our recruitment consultants specialised in Information Technology, will help you with contract positions. We focus on Cyber Security, AI, Net, Java Development, Architecture, Project Management and Business Intelligence.

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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) involves us turning the responsibility of finding potential job candidates over to a third-party service provider. We will help you source, screen, engage, hire and onboard the right multiple talents – would you be looking for end-to-end, project, selective or recruiter-on-demand RPO, we will advise and deliver following a highly-quality driven methodology and proven model.

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Staff attraction & retention, as well as accountability, has never been more challenging.

Some of our business partners need to go an extra-mile. Dragon Republic will help optimize, transform and sustain your company culture and growth.

Our EQ Practice focuses on helping attracting & retaining collaborators throughout their experience with their employer.

In collaboration with our Executive Search Practice, we support you in attracting the right profiles, thanks to our ability to assess their motivation profile and make sure that the hired person will feel fulfilled in his/her position, ensuring his/her full commitment.

We also support companies creating the conditions to retain their collaborators and develop their accountability.

We help in assessing candidates, outsourcing part of their team, offer personal development and coaching, leadership development, career transition and sales teams optimization.

Meet Virginie

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