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About Us

Dragon Republic is not an agency, we are not a recruitment company, we are and want to be - your preferred business partner who ignites your HR strategy.

Ignite Your HR Strategy

Are you searching for a business partner who acts, partners and delivers like no other one?

We bring 20 years of experience together with strong values, a very focused business model and a wide recognition from our business peers (customers and candidates) to bring a new light on your culture and company.

We never stop until your needs have been fulfilled and we bring your company out to the ultimate level.

It is time to ignite your HR strategy, just call our Dragon and our Republic will stay aside you for long.


The Partnership with Recruitment Entrepreneur

Having founded Recruitment Entrepreneur in 2014, serial entrepreneur James Caan CBE plays a pivotal role in shaping Dragon Republic.

James has been in recruitment for over 30 years and invests in recruitment companies of all sizes across various geographies and sectors.

With 3 million followers, James was named LinkedIn’s second most influential voice of 2017. His global network, both online and offline, has assisted our current CEOs in attracting the best talent, clients and candidates to their businesses.

Dragon Republic is proud to be part of such a huge successful organisation and takes after exceptional expertise. This partnership has been set very naturally and smoothly, with the ambition to bring a market leader to life, thanks to the unrivalled experience brought by James Caan and team. Early credibility is key to make the future of Dragon Republic bright.

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